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What bitcoin is | The brief history of Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin ?

Nowadays Bitcoin is one of the best cryptocurrency in the world.Bitcoin is the most trending cryptocurrency in the world.80% people's know about cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of the most valuable cryptocurrency after all.

What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is the decentralized cryptocurrency without a bank or a central bank or a single administrator.

Bitcoin can be sent user to user on the peer to peer Bitcoin transaction network. This transaction is verified by the Bitcoin network nodes by the cryptography called Blockchain. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency was invented by unknown people in 2008, named Satoshi Nakamoto.The Bitcoin cryptocurrency began use in 2009 first. You can achieve some Bitcoin using a computer graphics card and mine your cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Mining Bitcoin is a reward process. You can exchange your Bitcoin with other cryptocurrency like usd/usdt, products and services. Some people use Bitcoin for illegal activities. El Salvador is the biggest investor in Bitcoin.You can hold and buy or sell cryptocurrency easily using Coinbase cryptocurrency wallet.You can also trade Bitcoin easily.

Supported 10 Wallets

  1. Ftx Pro 

  2. Binance

  3. Bitfinex

  4. Coinbase Wallet

  5. Whitebit

  6. Coinsbit

  7. Crypto.com Exchange

  8. Currency.com

  9. Okex 

  10. Hotbit

Bitcoin listed 300+ wallet.Bitcoin.com is the biggest website to sell and exchange Bitcoin.Bitcoin.org also sells Bitcoin and you can use it for holding.


  • Plural - Bitcoins

  • Symbol - ₿

  • Code - Btc


Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency so you can use it for illegal activities. There's no transaction record that isn't found in Bitcoin Receiving and sending. So anyone doesn't give you Bitcoin and if you send Bitcoin they don't give you back. So you need to focus when you are sending and receiving cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Dark web uses the Bitcoin transaction network for buying and selling products. Because the Bitcoin transaction is the world's best secure and encrypted transaction process.

If you want to buy something from the deep web or dark web then you need to use a cryptocurrency transaction otherwise you can't make any transaction. Some hackers use only Bitcoin transactions. But all time cryptocurrency transactions are risky. If any hackers want to hack your account easily.

But nowadays you need to buy some Bitcoin when the Bitcoin market is going down. Because Bitcoin is the future. Bitcoin is the digital Gold. Thousands of traders trade Bitcoin on Ftx and Binance .

You can convert your Bitcoin in usd or usdt.You can buy cryptocurrency using your credit 💳 card………

You can also sell Bitcoin from Bangladesh easily using Binance P2P exchange system.You can withdraw your Bitcoin into cash and easily get your money from Bkash.

How to sell Bitcoin From Bangladesh

If anyone wants to sell their Bitcoin then you need to go to an external website. Because we can't buy Bitcoin or sell Bitcoin from Coinbase.

But we can do that using the FtX Pro wallet.You can sell Bitcoin using Binance p2p trading system.But need to convert your Bitcoin into usdt then you can sell it using Binance. You can also sell your Coinbase wallet Bitcoin to go to some external website like ebl wallet and pay 2 change website.

If anyone wants to buy and sell cryptocurrency then knock me. I will give you a better solution.

Why Is Bitcoin Digital Gold ?

You need to focus on Bitcoin price. The Bitcoin price is too much, around 70 thousand American Dollars. Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market. The high volume cryptocurrency coin is Usdt. But it's a stable coin. But Bitcoin isn't a stable cryptocurrency coin. If you want to invest in Bitcoin then you need to think and you need to buy when the market is going down.If you don't have more knowledge about cryptocurrency then you don't need to invest in cryptocurrency. Because it's lost your money.

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