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What is Gmail And How it's working

What Is Gmail?

What is Gmail And How is it Working ?

What Is Gmail?
What Is Gmail?

Gmail is a totally free email service provided by Google LLc.You can send free email everyday using Google's Gmail Service. It's totally free and easy to send and receive email.You can also send any type of documents, video's everything you want to send.

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Gmail is a very popular and easy service.All over the world as of 2019 it had 1.5 billion active user.A user typically uses Gmail Service in a web browser or a mobile application. It also provided POP and IMAP protocol.

Information About 


  • Type of sites- Webmail

  • Available in - 105 languages

  • Owner - Google

  • Created By - Paul Buchheit

  • Url - https://www.gmail.com/

  • Commercial - Yes 

  • Registration - Required

  •  User -1.5 Billion

  • Launched - April 1, 2004

  • Current Status - Active         


What Is Gmail?
Available In 105 languages

Use Gmail You can

Connect,Send , Receive And collaborate with Gmail, a google service.It is better to use in android application.You can use it from your web browser but it's better on Android application or ios application.

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  • automatically block 99.9 % spam messages from any user.

  • undo send and preventing any mistakes

  • turn on Google chat to use and create 

  • send mail all over the world

  • You can use some special features to send messages and greetings.

  • you can use it for official website and business

  • email marketing is the best features

  • enjoy high quality video calling in Google meet.

  • search your mailbox and make it easier

  • organize your email to block and report Spam

  • get notified of new mail 

  • you can use it to send your documents safely

Gmail is a part of google workspace service.Gmail offers you to create, send and receive messages and mail any documentation easily.You can send your message securely and encrypted your message by password protected file.

Gmail Official Website

What Is Gmail?
Send Worldwide

Some people use Gmail Service to promote their company and Brands. Email marketing is a best way to promote your Brands and product and your company.All over the world and any android phone use Gmail Service to login any website, application and also create many types of social media links like Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn And more Linkable website and application.You can can use Google's Gmail to create any social media and gaming account. Use Gmail it's really easy to sing up and log in follow some easy steps or one tap login is available on many apps and website to login or sign up.

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Learn More About Gmail

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LinkedIn Gmail

Google Workspace Facebook Page

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